10% quota for poor (EWS) in employment and education confirms Maharashtra


The government of Maharashtra has said that in the general category in the state, the Maratha community will not be entitled to take advantage of the 10 per cent employment and education reservation for economically weaker sections (EWS).

A Government Resolution (GR), released on July 28, said the Maratha community is protected by economically and educationally backward groups and is thus unable to take advantage of the 10% quota under EWS for state government employment and enrollment to Maharashtra academic institutions.

The 10% cap, a law adopted by the Union, is intended in the open category for economically disadvantaged groups, who cannot make use of any other social quotas, it continued.

The Maratha group is not included in the Union government list of backward groups and is thus eligible to reservation for employment in central government positions under the economically weaker sections

Still, the EWS quota won’t extend to Maratha group members in state government jobs and intakes to Maharashtra academic institutions, the order said.

The GR said there have been complaints that reserved category candidates have got EWS certificates.

Tehsildars (revenue officials) will check and confirm to ensure that the applicant who earns an EWS certificate is not protected by any other reserved group, it stated.

Officers involved will also ensure that EWS certificates haven’t been used at the state level to take advantage of central government positions, the GR added.

The Maharashtra government had enacted the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC) Act, 2018, to grant reservation to the Maratha community in jobs and education.

The Bombay High Court, while upholding the law in June last year, had held that 16 per cent reservation was not justifiable and said that quota should not exceed 12 per cent in employment and 13 per cent in admissions.

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