Credits Allotted To MOOCs Are Doubled By UGC, Good News For College Students Amid COVID-19


ugc-moocsThe University Grants Commission (UGC) doubled the academic credit cap for MOOCs from the current 20 per cent to 40 per cent. This indicates a student can use the SWAYAM platform to select subjects related to their course online and earn credits for it. Attending such classes, as per the standards, would be equal to taking physical lectures in one class.

To attempt to guarantee that more students can take advantage of these classes, the UGC has set up an expert committee to chart current courses and compare them with MOOCs that can be set up for the course. This will also acknowledge fields or subjects for which MOOCs are not available, and thereby create digital resources for such courses as well.

In the first stage, 171 undergraduate-level MOOCs are introduced in six subject areas – history, political science, commerce, sociology, public administration, and anthropology. In these fields, the UGC has requested university education institutes and educators around the country to build “high quality” MOOCs that can be “comparable with international standards.”

In its official statement, the UGC says, “Keeping in mind the present situation of COVID-l9, the Chairman, University Grants Commission has constituted an Expert Committee to map the existing developed MOOCs and identify gap areas where courses need to be developed under SWAYAM as per UGC model CBCS curriculum.”

This is also aligned with the recently published New Education Policy which proposes setting up an academic credit bank (ABC). ABC ‘s aim will be to accumulate academic credits from different educational institutes that a student receives. Degrees from an HEI can be awarded in terms of a student’s earned credits.

Previously, the SWAYAM board accepted 82 MOOCs for undergraduate studies and 42 for postgraduate courses to be offered in the July semester. The UGC had requested the vice-chancellors to take the platform’s recommendations from the deans of the respective departments on which courses the varsity would follow.

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