Department of Education Concludes Early Grade Reading Workshop [Dharamshala]


The Department of Education, CTA, has conducted a one-day Early Grade Reading (EGR) workshop for foster parents in five residential schools in the northern region from 28 November to 2 December 2022.

The resource person Tenzin Pelmo (TCV English Mentor & Environmentalist) and Sonam Gangsang from DoE have visited five Tibetan schools (TCV Upper, TCV Lower, TCV Chauntra, TCV Suja & TCV Gopalpur) and facilitated the workshop in the school library for total 89 foster parents.

The resource person introduced Home Reading Corner (HRC) and the role of foster parents in motivating children to read at home, how to read aloud and its benefits, story-telling, and how the older children can support younger children, sustained silent reading (SSR) followed by feedback.

The participants also received hands-on experience to visit and sit in the school library and read & tell stories to each other. Though Tenzin Pelmo regularly visits different TCV Schools to work with English Primary teachers and children, this is the first time home-mothers are receiving a workshop on Early Grade Reading which was pleasantly welcomed by both the participants and the resource person.

The Early Grade Reading program was funded by USAID.

-Report filed by Department of Education, CTA