DUSIB To Provide Free Education To Children In Government Shelter Homes


Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) has promised to offer free education to homeless children living in their shelters. The children are also to be eventually educated in college.

dusib_logoDUSIB has 215 shelter houses in Delhi where 5,000 homeless individuals live. Between these, there are 32-night shelters for single individuals who have families. It was found that the families are not concerned about educating their children who spend all their time playing around. The kids are likely to end up living a life their parents have led due to lack of schooling.

“To give them a better life, we are planning to engage volunteer teachers who are ready to teach these children at the night shelters. In due course, they will also be enrolled into schools,” said DUSIB member Bipin Rai.

Around to 1,000 kids, up to 8 years old reside in the 32-night shelters with their family.

An administrator said parents are being urged to motivate their children to learn and track their everyday routine as well. Both parents do odd jobs in most of the households staying in these night shelters and spend their day out leaving their children without any guidance. “The classes may be started in a couple of these shelters this month itself.”

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