Google Lens’ New Student-Friendly Features


Google has declared that it will release an educational platform to allow students to engage in immersive learning, bringing the role it has performed so far for students to another level. A Google Lens Education Mode has been rolled out by the world leader of search engines that will allow students to select photos of the problems they are seeking support from and to get answers to all these questions. Children that turn to Google Search for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) homework, which will lead them to possible answers, offering a step-by-step overview of complex math equations and specific details on the core ideas.

“At Google, we’re honoured to work on tools that lighten the load for teachers, school leaders, families, and especially the students who have navigated learning from home with grace and resilience,” Google said in a blog post.

google-lens-education-modeThe push to add Google Lens educational mode and STEM is part of the company ‘s larger Google for Education project titled ‘The Anywhere College’ bringing in 50 new applications across Meet, Classroom, G Suite, and other services. Google Lens combined with Google’s Socratic apps can help students find out by searching the responses to questions. Socratic and Lens can provide quick access to valuable results such as step-by-step directions and detailed explanations which will help to solve the problem as well as provide a broader understanding of the principles.

Students will also be able to visualize STEM concepts; they will see 3D content searching at about 100 STEM concepts utilizing appropriate Android and iOS apps.

Google has become an ever so dependent companion for the students of this new age, assisting them in several ways to complete tasks or providing them with simple answers to their questions.

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