IIT Hyderabad’s Incubated Startup : Tie-Up With A Japanese Firm To Manufacture Smart Home Products


IIT_Hyderabad Logo_Final DesignThe Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT Hyderabad) incubated startup CRIOT Innovations has formed a fully-funded research collaboration agreement with Techno-corpus, Japan. The partnership would set the stage for the manufacture of smart home devices based on the Internet of Things.

The company is working on developing dynamic smart home products which adapt to user behaviour, according to a press release issued by IIT Hyderabad. The company will be providing its software called ‘CRIOT Interface’ as part of the collaborative project named MITHRA-CRIOT, which will play a key role in gathering data for user behavioural analysis.

The data collected through the interface and MITHRA application will be used for lifestyle authentication research in Yamaguchi-Lab, Social ICT Research Center, the University of Tokyo. With enormous data generated during the project, CRIOT aims at progressing its R&D on machine learning. “Datasets collected are promising in bring security to daily life,” said Kotaro Kataoka, associate professor, department of CSE, IIT-H.

The project, which involves 10 products, started on June 15 and will extend up to September 24 for phase 1. “Work trends are shifting. Smart homes operate by themselves with minimal human interaction,” said Varun Perumalla, CEO and co-founder, CRIOT, and a third-year B.Tech student at IIT Hyderabad.

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