IIT-Madras to collaborate with school education department


Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras will use artificial intelligence and data science to improve the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students..

The institute is collaborating with the State’s school education department to build a learning management system to be deployed in 6,000 government schools with high-tech laboratories. It is expected to improve the quality of learning of around 90 lakh students.

The researchers will use their expertise in artificial intelligence and data science to improve assessment framework.

At present, the school education department uses education management information system. The researchers will include assessment, performance evaluation, fraud detection and dashboards to monitor students’ progress at the school and district-level.

Faculty, students, project associates and channel partners of Robert Bosch Centre of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, housed in the institute, will lead the initiative.

Nandan Sudarsanam is the core member of the RBCDSAI and the initiative’s principal investigator.

AI can power the education sector by providing 24×7 universal education, personalised mentoring to students depending on their weak areas, assisting the administration in grading papers and assessing learning patterns.

The first of the three-phase initiative will focus on content management and assessment; the second will work on delivery and feedback for the educational material; and the third phase will emphasise data analysis, dashboards and reporting system, according to the researchers.

School education commissioner K. Nanthakumar said the department hoped to make personalised learning pathways and targeted improvement in teaching and learning practices for students and teachers. The initiative is open to private schools as well, he said.

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