Madarsas Education : Reply to Lok Sabha question

Madarsas Education
Madarsas Education

Madarsas Education : Reply to Lok Sabha question

The centrally sponsored Scheme for Providing Quality Education to Madarsas (SPQEM) is being implemented all over the country through the State and UT Governments. SPQEM provides financial assistance to encourage traditional institutions like Madarsas and Maktabs to introduce modern education in subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Hindi and English in their curriculum through support for teachers, books, Teaching Learning Materials and Computer Labs. The scheme aims at providing the students education comparable with national standards.

The details of amount spent for the purpose during the last three years and the current year so far are as under:-

S.No. Year Grant released

(Rs. in Lakhs)

1 2013-14 18273.38
2 2014-15 10782.90
3 2015-16 29410.28
4 2016-17

(upto 3.8.2016)



A number of steps have been taken during 2015-16 to sensitize the States/ UTs about the guidelines of SPQEM.   A National Workshop was held on 09.10.2015 to disseminate information amongst the stakeholders. The Department also held two meetings with the State Governments on 22.12.2015 and 29.02.2016 on how to prepare viable proposals as per norms so as to ensure that maximum benefits are availed of. Due to the concerted efforts made in this direction, the Department was able to incur expenditure of Rs. 29410.28 lakhs during 2015-16, which is the highest since the inception of the scheme.  20727 Madarsas and 50957   teachers have been assisted under the scheme during 2015-16.

However, since the process of modernization of traditional Madarsas and Maktabs is voluntary, it is upto the individual Madarsa/ Maktab to send its proposal through the State Governments to avail the benefits of the Scheme. This information was given by the Minister of State (HRD), Shri Upendra Kushwaha today in a written reply to a Lok Sabha question.

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