NCERT 8-week Alternative Academic Calendar Released For Upper Primary Classes By The Minister Of Education


Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ published the Alternative Academic Calendar for the upper primary level classes on Monday to allow educators to involve children productively during their stay at home due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the supervision of the Ministry, NCERT designed alternative academic calendar for learners, parents, and teachers at the primary and upper primary classes.

Pokhriyal stated that this alternative academic calendar will encourage students, teachers, school administrators and parents to explore innovative ways to use electronic teaching and learning tools to cope with COVID-19, which would enhance educational goals.

He said the upper primary stage calendar (Classes VI through VIII) was issued four weeks ago.

Now, the calendar at an upper primary stage for the next eight weeks has been issued.

“The calendar provides guidelines to teachers on the use of various technological tools and social media tools available for imparting education in fun-filled, interesting ways, which can be used by the learner, parents and teachers even while at home,” said the Minister.

Scope Of The Alternative Academic CalendarNCERT-alternative-academic-calendar

Pokhriyal said the alternative academic calendar had considered varying levels of accessibility to devices like mobile phones, radio, television, SMS and multiple social media sites.

“The fact that many may not have internet facility in the mobile phone or may not be able to use different social media tools — such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google — the calendar guides teachers to further help parents and students through SMS on mobile phones or through voice call.

Parents were expected to help elementary stage students to implement this calendar”, Pokhriyal said.

Via links to audiobooks, radio and video programs, the Minister said this calendar would meet the needs of all children, including those with special needs.

“The calendar has week-wise plan consisting of activities with reference to theme/chapter taken from syllabus or textbook. It also maps themes with learning outcomes. The purpose of mapping is to facilitate teachers and parents to assess the progress in the learning of children and also to go beyond textbooks. All activities in the calendar are suggestive, not prescriptive,” the Education Minister said.

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