17-Year-Old Boy Provides Online Classes For The Underprivileged


The shutdown due to coronavirus has contributed to the temporary shutdown of schools and colleges, with the students heavily reliant on the virtual model of education. Schools offer online courses for pupils, allowing them to cover up the syllabus and take tests on time.

Online Classes For The Underprivileged

Many students suffer because of connectivity problems in many areas, as they are unable to take live classes or comprehend what the teacher is teaching. A 17-year-old boy named Jaiditya Dev has planned to make a contribution his bit, as a lot of students encounter challenges. The teen is guaranteeing that the Online Classes For The Underprivileged will ensure disadvantaged students are taught math and physics by a Delhi based NGO.

Talking about this to The Times Of India, he stated, “I took up the opportunity to get connected with an NGO based in Delhi and involved in providing education and necessities to the underprivileged children”.

Attempting to explain his teaching process, Dev disclosed that with video conferencing he has both formal and informal communication with the children. He also learned how hard it is for certain people to get exposure to simple needs that would appear common to others.

He also mentioned that as he learned the difficulties of online education, he is planning to develop an application that can draw more volunteers for teaching. “I never knew how I would develop this platform, but I intended to do so,” he wrote.

These online classes for the underprivileged will set a good example for others.

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