Schools To Not Force Parents To Pay Fee Amidst COVID-19, Urges Education Minister


State Minister of Education Varsha Gaikwad made an appeal on Sunday to schools not to compel parents to pay fees for their children right now.

“During this pandemic, several parents are facing financial difficulties due to salary cuts and loss of jobs, among other reasons. It will be unjust to force such parents to pay school fees,” she said, during her visit.

Gaikwad said the government is aware of the challenges experienced by the educational institutions as the management has to pay employees salaries and bear other expenditures.

“The earlier government order putting a stay on fee recovery was legally challenged by a section of private schools. We will wage a legal battle to protect the interest of parents,” she said.

She said the government is taking all steps to make sure every student receives education. She said the focus is on those learners who have no access to the internet. Efforts to deliver education via television are being made.

On the Centre’s approved New Education Policy, Gaikwad said the state should take steps to enforce it effectively.

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