The changing face of Indian Education


The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every sector of the industry, with education being no exception. The educational institutions were shut down in order to curb the spread of the pandemic, thereby restricting students to their homes, which resulted in the creation of an educational gap.

In order to bridge the educational gap, alternative means of education came into being, which led to the advent of home-schooling. When it comes to conventional schooling, one curriculum is designed for everyone, but when it comes to home-schooling, parents can customize the curriculum of their children according to their interests and work towards their better development.

Above all, home-schooling enables parents to place a priority on their child’s mental, emotional, behavioural, and physical health, which is presently the need of the hour.


When it comes to conventional schooling, a single curriculum is designed which is applicable for all students. On the contrary, homeschooling gives parents the benefit of personalising the curriculum for their children, keeping in account their special needs. Additionally, it allows parents the chance to tailor their child’s learning preferences and styles, which promotes effective child development.


Homeschooling is undoubtedly a cost-effective way of educating your children. Traditional education entails steep annual or term fees as well as additional costs for uniforms, books, stationary, etc. Moreover, to participate in extracurricular activities or special events, these conventional schools charge an extra fee from the students. With homeschooling, no additional fee is involved, making it more affordable for the parents.


Parents can guarantee their children receive specialised attention, which has always been a worry with traditional teaching techniques. Home-schooling aims to maximize growth and development by meeting the unique learning demands of the children and allowing parents to customize the learning schedule to suit their needs.


With the emergence of homeschooling, the entire landscape of the education industry has changed to a great extent. Students now have a variety of new learning opportunities which allow them to study in their areas of interest, at their own speed, and in the comfort of their own homes.